Hold The Phone

This is rich. People go absolutely gaga over this Iphone thingy, lining up to buy the things like it was the last chance in life to ever buy a phone… and now they’re bent out of joint because Apple cut the price of the thing after they bought theirs?

Ok, I don’t like having something like that happen any more than anyone else does. But at the same time doesn’t a business have the right to reach a decision to drop a price? I am not a hamster, I thought cutting prices was good. That’s one of the reasons that I rarely (if EVER) get in on buying some new thing when it first comes out. Most of the time I prefer to wait until A, the bugs get worked out of the early models and B, the price comes down.

Apple’s Jobs Sorry for iPhone Price Cut

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) – Apple Inc. (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs apologized and offered $100 credits Thursday to people who shelled out up to $599 for an iPhone this summer and were burned when the company chopped $200 from the expensive model’s price.

One Reply to “Hold The Phone”

  1. OMG, are you kidding me? They apologized?? And offered a hundred bucks in credit??? That’s just plain stupid. If they (the consumers) were as smart as you and me about not buying things when they first come out, they wouldn’t feel cheated now, which of course they are NOT. So should we all now expect credit from Wal-Mart when they cut the prices on the stuff we just bought yesterday? Like I said, stupid!

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