Classic Movie Tonight

Well, it’s been a long, grey, rainy wet day and that means it’s time to kick back with a pot of hot coffee and a good movie. I’m thinking that tonight, because of the storms and the fact that this area has already had one tornado watch, that it’s time to break out my copy of “Twister” for another run.

It’s something that my wife and I started doing years ago that I’m not inclined to stop anytime soon. Anytime there’s severe thunderstorms and / or tornado weather, we’d get out Twister and pretty much thumb our noses at the storms around us while we watch this crazy group of storm chasers hunt for a storm that they can launch their instrument package into.

I am not a hamster or crazy (well, not very crazy), there’s a certain satisfaction in watching that movie under those weather conditions. Not to mention some genuine “atmosphere” as well. In spite of the fact that I have no doubt that tornadoes could well be one of the reasons that people living in “tornado alley” end up paying higher term life insurance rates because of the higher probability that you could end up in the path of one of those monster storms

Just for the heck of it, here’s one of my many favorite scenes:

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