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Thinking about it, I suppose a better title for this would have been "Govenator Pwns California Legislature" but I'm too lazy to change it now.

It is however, a true statement.  In an example of real life reading between the lines (or perhaps at one end of them), California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has very nicely sent two messages to the legislature with a single document.  I have to say that while I don't agree much with his politics, I am glad to see that the guy who was in all those action movies and used all of those incredibly bad puns that we love so much is still in there somewhere.  He really deserves a prize for this one, like maybe a gold plated Personalized usb drive that contains video clips of all of the legendary sound bites and sight gags from his movies.

What am I referring to you ask?  Well, in case you're the only one that hasn't somehow heard of it, He recently vetoed a bill and as his custom has been, he sent a note to the legislature along with the bill that he was not going to sign.  This particular one however is (in)famous because it appears to contain a hidden message with a little bit more of the "personal touch".

Obviously the Governator is denying that it was done deliberately and is making nice with the apologetic tones and so on about how it's an unfortunate coincidence and all.

I'll tell you what, I found a pdf copy of the note that you can look at for yourself if you want, or you can look at the pic below where I've highlighted the part that everybody's excited about.

governator pwns legislature

Now you tell me.  Is that a coincidence or did everybody's favorite action hero / master of sarcastic puns take time to do it deliberately?

You can say what you like but I can't help thinking that it's just a bit too much like the pun wielding action hero to be a coincidence.  Of course, we'll probably never know for certain, at least not until he's out of office doing another movie.

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