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New Points Of View Video

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 31st, 2009

It's been a while since I've been doing regular episodes of my "Points of View" video series but it's looking like I'll be able to resume doing them a bit more often.  Besides, given the recent news about the govenator's F-bomb and a guy on YouTube that looks like Beaker from Sesame Street and what looked like a human hand being found on an Arkansas county road well, I am not a hamster, with stuff like that happening I just had do do a video about those stories.

About that f-bomb, there's still a certain amount of debate as to whether he did it on purpose or not but really, I think it's easy enough to figure out, since most of the time when you look at the first letter in each line of something it's going to spell out things like bcbsnc, yet his note had a very clear "message within the message".  I figure that he wrote out what he wanted to really say and then composed the note around it to make it fit.  It would have taken a while to do but not all that long and frankly, it just "feels right" as being something that you'd expect one of Arnie's characters to say.

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