Eco Friendly Cars Burning Fat?

While I’ve read about several different mods that you can make to a car to turn it into a fat burner, generally they all involve recycling the fat used in restaurant deep fryers or the by products of chicken and beef processing plants being processed into bio-diesel fuel.

I was looking for an old article about one of those schemes and ran across something unexpected. A story about a former Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who was busted for his idea of how to make bio fuel.

You see, he was using human fat that he obtained from liposuction patients. The reason he got busted was that according to California public health officials it’s illegal to use human medical waste to power vehicles.

Setting aside the weirdness of a doctor processing human fat into bio diesel fuel. I’ve got to wonder at it being illegal to do so. Especially I wonder at an actual law prohibiting the use of “human medical waste” to power vehicles. Just exactly what part of left field did THAT come from?!? I am not a hamster, you can’t expect me to believe that actual lawmakers sat around and said, “lets make sure nobody ever uses human medical waste to power their cars.” or words to that effect and then draft a law.

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