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Help Needed With Problem Psychic Search Plugin

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 1st, 2009

Like many bloggers that use WordPress, I have added an assortment of plugins That are for WordPress what car accessories are for automobiles.  They provide additional functions and features that don't come with it "out of the box".

One of these plugins is called "Psychic Search" by MaxBlogPress.  It's a really handy thing that allows you to see what people are searching for on your blog and most importantly, it shows you the searches that have no results.  The idea being that if somebody searches for something and does not get any results, then that is a topic that is worth giving serious consideration to writing about it.

Especially when you realize that to a large degree, most people almost never use the search function on a blog.  Therefore if somebody is interested enough in something to search for it, then it stands to reason that there's plenty more people interested in that topic and if you wrote something about it then your blog is suddenly filling a need for at least part of your readership and will probably net you more readers as well because you'll also start appearing in search engine results for that topic.

That's the magic of the Psychic Search plugin.  I have used it for quite a while now on several blogs and it's provided me with a bunch of insight for things to write about that at least some of my readers have been actively looking for.

Here's where the problem comes in.  Like thousands of other bloggers, I recently upgraded to WordPress 2.8.4 and then to 2.8.5.  Shortly after I moved to 2.8.4 I found out that when somebody comes to this site from a clicking on a search engine result, the Psychic Search plugin was suddenly encountering an error that caused the post not to appear at all.  Thereby costing me readers because who want's to screw around with something that doesn't work?

The first thing I did was go over all of it's settings.  They were fine.  I tried re-downloading it and re-installing to make certain that I had the latest version (2.0.4).  Still the problem persists.  Anyone coming to the blog from a search engine ends up with a page showing an error and not the content they were expecting.

Of course I am not a hamster so I went to the plugin site and logged in to the forum and found a post by somebody that had the same problem.  I added my own report to that thread.  In the time since then I have bumped that thread two more times in an effort to keep it visible with new posts.

Thus far I've not gotten any response or acknowledgment of any kind so now I'm asking for help from any readers who have the same problem, especially if you've solved it.

Note, simply reverting to an earlier version of WordPress where it still works is not an option because I've got other plugins that will not work with versions earlier than 2.8.4

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