You Know You’re Bored When …

Not only am I so tired I can barely see straight, I must be bored out of my mind as well. That is the only reason that I can think of to even come close to almost possibly justifying watching the video that I just saw on YouTube. I suppose I’m not alone though since it’s got over six hundred thousand views since it was posted in August of 2007.

Seriously I am not a hamster, the things in this video are really wierd. At least one of them looks like a cross between a crocodile, an Amish fireplace and a really big, ugly dog. It says right up front that some of the pics are fake but doesn’t necessarily identify which ones.

Warning! Danger Will Robinson!

Consider yourself warned. Before you play this video TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN!!! It’s blasting with some really loud, obnoxious piece of shit masquerading as music that’s guaranteed to damage your eardrums and your mind if you listen to it very long