Bogus Watch TV Site

One of the tv shows that I miss watching is Smallville. We lost the ability to see it in this area shortly after the end of season four and while I’ve been able to find a clip or two now and then on YouTube and other sites, nowhere have I found a site where I can pick up at the start of season five and watch the rest of the series. For that matter, I’d appreciate being able to start at season 1, episode one and watch the whole thing.

A little while ago I found mention of a site that, according to the person who posted it, had quite a bit of the show available. Well, When I got to the site it only had seasons eight and nine but I decided to give a look at one of ’em anyway.

Soon as the video player loaded I got presented with a popup telling me to fill out a survey to unlock the video. Thing is, I am not a hamster, I know those surveys are crap. sure you answer a few questions about how you liked the anaheim hotels you stayed in for the rose bowl last year or a bunch of invasive crap about cell phones and what stores you shop in.. but then there’s always the kicker, you have to “complete offers” and / or supply your email address to both complete the “survey” and get whatever code or url is needed to continue with what you wanted to do in the first place.

So, if somebody points you to that site. Tell ’em what for and ignore it. it’s crap.

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