Anatomical Slang

I think everybody uses some form of anatomical slang. That’s the practice of calling body parts by any name other than what it actually is. The reasons range from “it’s too embarrassing to say” to “that’s what my parents always called it” to, “I do it to confuse people” and in certain cases, “I call it that to shock people”.

Well there’s a new video featuring Bob that should be live sometime tomorrow I think where he’s taking a look at one aspect of that habit, an amazingly long list of slang terms for breasts, and I am not a hamster I think some of the things he’s going to have on that list sound more like Ferrari parts than anything that even remotely has anything to do with female anatomy.

As a matter of fact, some of them seriously don’t make any sense to me. To give just one example out of the 160 terms on the list: “Danny DeVitos” is on that list and frankly, call me out of touch if you want but I really don’t get that at all unless it means that the ones in question somehow resemble him. In which case I can’t help pity the woman in question.

Anyway, the video should be up by sometime tomorrow. I’ll post here and twitter when it’s up and you can watch it and see for yourself.

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