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A Brief Note About That Anatomical Slang Post

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 10th, 2009

It figures.  I just finished that post about "Anatomical Slang" just a couple minutes ago and suddenly it hit me that it's possible, even likely that at least some female readers might take offense to the subject.  Heck, I am not a hamster, I made sure that my home alarm systems are in good order because I KNOW there's gonna be at least a few women that decide to hate me for it.

The thing is, the subject of anatomical slang doesn't end with breasts or with women for that matter.  There's plenty of it on the guy's side of things as well and Bob's going to be covering some of that material in a future video.  Frankly the ladies got to go first simply because of how long the list was.  There's 160 items on it and I didn't even do a really extensive search.

So far, when it comes to the guys, it seems that people don't seem to be as creative because I have yet to find anywhere near that many slang terms for *any* male anatomy.  In fact, the total number of terms I've found for all male anatomy doesn't even come close to half of the one list for just one (two? :-) ) part(s) for the ladies.

In any case, rest assured, I'm an equal opportunity kind of guy.  I'll pick on anybody. *grin*

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