Woman Jailed for Accidental Salt Spill

This is just plain ridiculous. This woman working at Micky-D accidentally spills salt on some hamburger. She told her supervisor and a co-worker about it and they tried to clean the salt off of the meat. Then she takes break and has a burger made from that same meat.

Now enter the cop who orders a burger at the drive through, also made with the salty meat. He comes back and tells the manager about it. She admits to spilling the salt and officer genius insists that the thing has something “worse than salt” on it.

Result: She ends up getting charged with reckless conduct!

I am not a hamster and I don’t believe for one second that the whole story is getting told here. Nobody gets arrested for spilling salt by accident. The mere Idea is just too asinine for words. I don’t see why officer genius didn’t just take the burger to the manager, explain that it made him sick and either ask for his money back or get another burger that wasn’t made from the supersalted meat. How hard is that to figure out? Certainly it’s beyond any form of reason to take matters as far as this bright brain did.