Exposed! Obama Care Not Good Enough For Obama!

There’s an email circulating with the subject line: “Someone FINALLY Asked the Question….” know what you’re thinking and I am not a hamster, I’m well aware of the fact that almost all of those forwarded forwarded emails are pure crap.

This one however rated some checking out. While sites like and others call it a fake, I have come to the conclusion that part of it is true. Namely, the implication that Obama would not simply settle for living within the limits of the plan that he and the Democrats are trying to ram down our collective throats.

Here’s the text of that email as I received it (It was originally sent in all-caps, I’ve fixed that part of it to make it easier to read.)

Finally…some one asked him the question! Yesterday on “ABC-TV” (better known as the all Barrack channel) during the “Network special on health care”…. Obama was asked: “Mr. President will you and your family give up your current health care program and joing the new ‘Universal Health Care program’ that the rest of us will be on ????”.
(bet you already know the answer)

There was a stoney silence as Obama ignored the question and chose not to answer it !!!

In addition, a number of senators were asked the same question and their response was, “We will think about it.”

And they did. It was announced today on the news that the “Kennedy Health Care Bill” was written into the new health care reform initiative ensuring that Congress will be 100% Exempt !

So, this great new health care plan that is good for you and I… Is not good enough for Obama, his family or Congress…??

We (the American public) need to stop this proposed debacle ASAP !!!! This is totally wrong !!!!!

Personally, I can only accept a universal health care overhaul that extends to everyone… Not just us lowly citizens… While the Washington “elite” keep right on with their gold-plated health care coverages.

If you don’t pass this around, may you enjoy his Plan!

This video explains what I believe is the thinly veiled truth about where Obama and most (if not all) politicians stand concerning the system sarcastically known as “ObamaCare”. I encourage everyone to leave comments or post video responses to the YouTube page for this video

By the way, If you forwarded the email, how about telling the same people about this video!



On the YouTube page for the video in the (more info) section, I included links to TruthOrFiction’s page about the email, The video where I got the ABC clips from, the ABC News Transcript of “Prescription for America Special”, and the Washington Times Article.

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