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Good Vampire Movies

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 1st, 2009

I decided that my recent post and video: Re: Twilight: New Moon Movie Review deserved some expansion on the topic so I did this video with my thoughts about the things that make up a good vampire movie along with some examples of the better vampire movies that have been made over the years.

And while I didn't mention it in the video, Vampirella does not count as 'a good vampire story'.  Sure she's hot but I'm certain that character was mainly created because mostly naked women sell a LOT of comics, magazines, posters, Etc.  After all, I am not a hamster, it's obvious that they're great for merchandising whether the story is any good or not.  Besides, I've seen the Vampirella movie, her looks are the only good thing about it besides the fact that it eventually ended.

Comments?  Opinions? Questions?  Click here and post 'em on the YouTube page for the video

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