Have you heard the latest?

Do you like to follow celebrity gossip? Are you interested in staying current with all of the latest talk about just about any celebrity? Well, CelebrityGossip.com is probably your kind of site. They have articles about what’s going on in the lives and careers of practically anyone that might be thought of as a celebrity. I am not a hamster but you wouldn’t be able to tell from what I know about celebrities. Yet I could probably be convincing if I spent enough time reading this site.

There’s a search function that lets you look for a particular subject or personality, and a celebrities index that has a LONG list of names ( in alphabetical order by first name) where each name is a link to a page with pictures, some stats about them, links to recent gossip about them and often a brief bio on them.

When you click on the “latest” section, you get the newest stories, often posted within the last hour or so.