Y’know What’s REALLY Annoying?

I’ll tell ya what. Zit faced little adolescent twits that come along with this “I know everything in the world” attitude and try to prove it in everything they do or say. Yet when you look at what THEY are doing, it’s obvious that they haven’t got the first effing clue in the world what they’re talking about.

I think that in today’s world one of the places to find an excess of examples is on YouTube where it’s amazing how many 15 to lower-twenty-something’s there are (who should be more concerned with coming up with an acne treatment for that monster collection of zits they’re carrying around) that think so highly of themselves that it’s actually ok for ’em to talk to someone two or three times their age like they’re that clueless.

Now I am not a hamster, I’m fully aware that there is the occasional person in that age group who really does have a clue. However that’s the (rare) exception and far from being the rule. Most of these little know it all wannabe’s don’t seem to get the fact that SOME of us were using the internet before they were effing BORN and actually have more of a clue now than they’ll ever hope to have.

And before you ask, NO. I’m not going to name names but if you think this is about you, then maybe you need to stop for a while and think about how much you DON’T know.

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