21st Century Mom & Pop Stores

Ok, I am not a hamster, I realize that the old fashioned “Mom & Pop” style grocery / convenience store is all but a total thing of the past, most of them having been either swallowed up or put out of business by larger stores and monster chains like WallyWorld but believe it or not, there actually are still some of them left.

Oh they’re getting pretty hard to find anymore these days that’s for sure. Yet there are still a few to be found some have even stepped into the 21st century by getting the kind of modern Point of Sale equipment like you see on www.posmicro.com. It’s a shame really that they’re becoming extinct because frankly, I like going into a store where everybody knows me and can often anticipate what I’m looking for. Stores like that have something that those big monster chains just can’t seem to duplicate… a genuine friendly atmosphere.

While it’s true that some of the employees at these larger chains are friendly and even come to recognize repeat customers, it’s still not the same and to be honest, that kind of caring employee is pretty rare. Most just want you to get through the checkout as fast as possible and get out of the way so they can get to the next person in line. They don’t give a flying crap about you or that you can find everything you need or even whether or not you’ve been overcharged for something. In fact, I’ve even had times when a cashier will get belligerent with me because I caught a mistake they made that would have cost me more than it should have.

So whenever I can, I try to do business at the smaller stores because I don’t have to fight obnoxious idiots with a superiority complex.

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