It’s Colder Than A . . . !!

It’s funny how things can change. Like for example, my ability to tolerate cold. There was a time when I thought nothing of going someplace with only a tshirt, shorts and MAYBE a light windbreaker type jacket in sub-freezing weather. Now of course I am not a hamster, I wasn’t walking anywhere either, rather I was traveling by car. Yet still people would look at me and shiver, asking “how can you go out like that?!”.

The thing is, I honestly didn’t feel the cold much at all if I was only going to be out in it for the length of time it took to go to or from the car, so I seldom saw the need to bother loading up on warm clothing that I would hate having on the second I stepped inside somewhere.

Things aren’t quite that easy anymore. Now I’m feeling the cold SO much more than I used to and when going out I’m wearing everything I can to keep warm and no longer regretting it when I get to the store or someone’s house and go inside.

I’m just glad that I don’t have to help my nutjob neighbor, who has decided that NOW is the time he needs to do some motorhome towing. Never mind the fact that local roads finally have their fist snow covering of the year. Never mind the fact that it’s about 24 in the daytime and dipping down to a brisk 18 or even 16 overnight. He’s out there.

Personally, I haven’t been outside at all today and I’m not about to go out unless I absolutely have to!

As my uncle once so colorfully put it, “It’s cold enough to freeze the snot right in your nose!”

Another one of his colorful (yet strangely true at the time) observations was “It’s so cold that when you spit, it freezes before it hit’s the ground!”.

In any event, I’m staying inside and covered up!

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