Phone Makers Missing The Banana Boat!

I think the cell phone makers are missing a good bet..  Specifically I don’t know why one of them hasn’t come out with a Bananaphone.  I’m saying this because of the overwhelming popularity of not only the original Bananaphone video but also the number of variations that people have been making.

If you search "Bananaphone" on YouTube the first page of results will tell you that you’re looking at items 1 to 20 of about 1570. That’s an awful lot of results. and thats just what you can find on YouTube.   Google Video shows nearly 1900 results.  I am not a hamster but I can tell a good thing to get on the bandwagon with and Bananaphone definitely qualifies.

Motorola or Nokia or sombody ought to be busting their butts to get a Bananaphone to the market.  They could make a deal with the creator of the original Bananaphone video and even use it (or a variation of it) in television commercials.