He’s Trying To “Help” Again

In spite of the fact that I’m actually making some progress in my effort to lose weight, “Mr. Helpful” is at it again. He’s actually been doing research on the subject of losing weight.

Now when I first heard about this I thought to myself “Self, you might just manage to avoid the next hair brained scheme this time if he’ll just stay busy long enough to get bored and go on to something else.” Yeah. Right. That’s gonna happen. I really should know better by now. sigh.

This morning he interrupts me (barging in like he owned the place to boot!) while I was editing some video. and then starts piling folders on my desk in front of me. I held my peace and looked at the first one while he piled more in any open space he could find.

There before me lay a folder no less than an inch thick labeled adipex reviews, in which he’s collected and printed out literally dozens of reviews from all manner of sites.

It took me the next hour of time I needed to be working on my video to explain to him that I had already in fact found a plan that seemed to be working for me. In the end I had to promise that I’d keep his research and look it over just in case what I was doing didn’t work out.

So I stored it like I promised.

In the fireplace.

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