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Where's Bob You Ask?

Posted by Non-Hamster on January 19th, 2010

As some may have noticed, there hasn't been a new episode of "Points of View" in quite a while now.  This is partly because I've been kinda busy with the daily Vlog videos on my TinFoilChefDotCom YouTube channel (click here to subscribe to it!) and partly because Bob has a major zit problem.

Well, truth be told, he THINKS he's got a zit problem.  Personally I don't see why it matters because it's not like they're visible under the fur but he's being stubborn about it and refuses to get in front of the camera until I get him a supply of iQ derma.

Of course, Bob isn't the only one around here that's stubborn.  I think that if he really believes he needs it that he needs to get it himself and leave my wallet out of it.  So, this means that the show is on hold for a while until we can get this matter straightened out.  I'm hoping that won't take too long but knowing Bob, anything is possible.

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