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And We're Off

Posted by Non-Hamster on January 20th, 2010

Off to the races in a manner of speaking, finding out just who has the most stubborn.  Bob has this silly idea that he's got a horrible acne problem and refuses to do a Points of View episode until something is done about it.  He's decided that unless I sink most of the show's discretionary budget into one monster purchase at then He's not going to do the show.

Why don't I just give him the heave ho and get somebody else?  or just do it myself?  Well I've been pretty busy with the daily vlogs on my Tinfoilchefdotcom YouTube Channel and several other projects and I am not a hamster, I know better than to take on even one more thing right now so unless Bob hosts it, Points of View won't be going on.

As for getting somebody else, Bob's got a long term exclusive contract.  He's the face most often seen on the show and will be for a long time to come.

Of course, in a way his stubbornness is a blessing because producing a single episode of points of view takes the better part of two and sometimes three days.  Unlike the vlogs where It's not necessary to have super high production standards, I want Points of View to have the highest production value that I can manage.

Granted, watching old episodes will show you some that have turned out really crappy but you'll also see that over time they have been getting better.  With the recent inclusion of a new intro and a complete set redesign I think that when it finally appears again Points of View is going to look really good.

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