I Lost Ten Pounds In ONE DAY!

Before I write anything else, I want to say that I am NOT giving medical advice in any way shape or form. I am not a hamster OR a doctor and I DON’T play one of either on TV.

This morning when I got up I decided to break from my usual “wait until Friday” routine and get on the scale. I was shocked to see that I had gained from 350.2 to 363.Idon’tcare since last Friday. That’s a thirteen pound gain in less than a week.

That’s when I realized that for the last couple of days I had forgotten to take my Lasix. In case you don’t know, Lasix one of those new safe fat burnerss. It is actually a diuretic. It helps remove excess water from the body, which can be a problem because after a while of bloating you eventually reach the point where it’s harder to breathe and your heart ends up working overtime.

So I took my Lasix this morning. After doing so I spent the day heading to the bathroom every few minutes. In mid-afternoon I decided to weigh again out of curiosity. That’s when I found out that I had lost ten pounds in a single day (and I’m not even close to done yet). That much excess water (over a GALLON!) had built up in my system after just two days of missing the Lasix.

The moral of this story is that if you are prescribed Lasix, don’t forget to take it!

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