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The Headline That Wasn’t

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 21st, 2007

Have you heard about Dan Rather's lawsuit?  It's all over the news.  I've seen "breaking news" reports about it from ABCnews, Fox News, NY Times, and so on.. it's all over all sorts of media that Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather is suing CBS and Viacom for $70 million.... except on I couldn't find any stories about it there at all.  I am not a hamster, I looked and couldn't find it.  maybe they used 1point font so the story was there but small enough nobody would see it.  Did they think perhaps that not covering it would make the thing go away?

This whole thing with him stems back to the fiasco where he apparently knew about certain documents not being genuine and pursued using them anyway.  Long story short, he got fired for it.  Oh he resigned and all that, but everybody knows that whatever they called it, he was fired.  Now he's not satisfied with retirement, buying a pickup with the fancy truck rack and going on vacation to see the world without having to report on it... no, he's got to get all up in arms and sue 'em for $70 million bucks.

Hey, he might even have a point, I don't know.  What I do know is that I don't think he's going to win unless he can come up with a smoking gun of some kind.

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