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Points of View To Reboot Soon

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 2nd, 2010

Last year on April 9, 2009 the first episode of Points of View premiered on YouTube.  It was intended to be mostly a humorous commentary on things in the news and current events of all sorts.  After starting up with some really bad looking videos it started to take off a little.  Gradually over time the episodes began looking better and better.

After a while I settled in to trying to get a new episode out every week and mostly managing to do so, although there were some long gaps in there as well.  Most of those episodes have gotten in the neighborhood of 100 to 300 views, with the exception of two that have been watched around 1100 times, one a bit over 2200 times and one at around 3300 views.

Part of the problem with getting a new episode made every week had to do with production problems like having enough light for the chroma key process to work properly.  There were times when this added three or four days to the production schedule, waiting for a day with enough sunlight coming in the window to make up for the lack of a proper three point lighting system.

Well, later this month, Points of View is going to reboot for it's second season with one major change that will speed production.  While I will probably make occasional appearances, I will no longer be a regular on the show.

Bob is taking over as the host, a move that already has him shopping for a Bluetooth headset.  Not because he needs one since he never actually gets any phone calls but because he's got this idea that as the "star" of the show, he needs to look important and busy even when he's not.  I'm not even going to argue the issue as long as he uses his own money to get it. 

In any event, I'm currently setting Feb 15th as a tentative date for launching the new season.  Which ought to be really interesting now that Bob is the main banana.  after that, I'm going to be making every effort to get a new episode up every Monday.  Also, with me not appearing in the show there will probably be a lot more episodes and it will very likely be possible to make longer episodes covering more topics though I'm going to try to keep them under five minutes for the first part of the season at least.

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