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The Kind Of Help I Don't Need

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 2nd, 2010

Since I started making YouTube videos on a (mostly) regular basis last year there's been one thing about it that I've always been glad of.  And that is that the guy I call "Mr Helpful" had absolutely no idea I was doing it.  Thus leaving me free of that particular brand of "help" that makes people want to tear their hair out and / or just buy an AK-47 and go postal.

Unfortunately that is over.  I heard from him today talking about how surprised he was that I was making my own video productions without him knowing about it.  I told him that it just never occurred to me to mention it because it's mostly just a hobby kind of thing (well, half true, that's what it is now.  That's going to change I guarantee it.) but he seems to think that he's got some kind of inside track on things and knows anything that's worth knowing about "the business".  [insert profanity laden opinion of his self importance here.]

Now that he knows (note to self: find out who told him and express my "appreciation" in some appropriate manner, such as beating him to death with a teaspoon.), "Mr. Helpful" wants me to give him a job so that he can "help" me make the best videos anyone has ever seen.

So far I've managed to (I hope) convince him that this is just a small time hobby thing and that if I decide that I need his "valuable" input (yeah. that's gonna happen.), I'll be sure to call him.

Of course I didn't say anything about WHAT I would call him so I still have plenty of options.

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