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Ever Notice….

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 22nd, 2007 you can wake up one morning and realize that you've changed from what you always thought of yourself?  What's even more interesting (actually it can be pretty funny) is when someone else like a family member notices the change.  For example through most of my life I've been a very not interested in sports kinda guy.  I was just not interested.  I'd seen people playing football and decided that I am not a hamster but I've got brains enough not to volunteer for something that looks that painful.  Same thing went for basketball, baseball, and all the rest.

Anyway.. over time I find myself occasionally looking at a football game on tv simply because there wasn't anything on.  Then I actually learned a little about the game from my wife who enjoys watching a good game once in a while.  The fun part came when I mentioned to my brother that I actually watched football games on tv once in a while.  I don't think he would have been any more surprised if I'd waved Super Bowl tickets in front of him...  Not that I think I'd want to go to something like that.. WAY too many people in one place at one time for my tastes.

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