Never Assume

One of the milder (and dumber) nutjobs down the street just managed to land himself in the doghouse again. This time he made the mistake of making an assumption based on the fact that his girlfriend was looking at prenatal vitamins the last time they went to the store. You guessed it. He said something about her looking pregnant.

Talk about the *worst* of ideas! Not only was she most decidedly NOT pregnant, she doesn’t “look it” either. Seems that she was only looking those vitamins over because they have a higher dose of iron in them that she needs which has nothing to do with her being pregnant.

Now of course he’s in big trouble for making a comment that essentially told her that he thinks she’s fat. This is *always* a mistake. Even if it’s true.

Needless to say, he’s in for some severe cold weather that’s bound to last longer than the current weather that the rest of us are having.

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