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Smooth Prunes?

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 14th, 2010

Just because most of the stories I tell about the strange ones around me are about the guys, I thought it'd be appropriate to give the ladies equal time.  For example Mrs. I'm-deathly-afraid-of-looking-old has a real problem with wrinkles.  Now I know that a lot of women (and some men) have similar problems and that's normal enough.  What isn't normal is the extent of her particular obsession.

Not only does she have a stock of anti wrinkle cream products to rival any small supplier of such, she uses all of them on a kind of rotating schedule.  The thing is, her obsession doesn't stop with her own appearance.

For example she loves prunes but will not even touch one that has wrinkles.  She has hubby busy for at least two days a month going through some elaborate process of injecting each one with prune juice until it's as smooth as it was before it was dried out.

The same thing goes for rasins.  They each have to be injected with grape juice until they're smooth.  She's afraid that wrinkles are somehow contagious and any food with wrinkles in it needs to be "fixed" before she'll eat it.

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