So Much For A Schedule?

Not long ago I announced that I had finally set up a schedule for the “Points of View” show and as soon as I got it posted things started to happen that seem like they were almost deliberately designed to get in the way of production.

Basically it’s mostly a case of “nutjob hills strikes again” and again, and again and again. First the neighbor needs help getting his broken down car moved and since it broke down right in front of my driveway, I didn’t have a whole lot of choice but to help if I wanted to be able to get out to go take care of other things that cropped up to delay production.

Then the next neighbor, for reasons I don’t think I’ll ever understand, ordered a truckload of kitchen sinks which he then saw fit to not only unload all over his yard but onto my yard as well. This meant taking a grand total of three and a half days of back and forth trying to get them moved off my lawn.

Then the power went off. Seems that some kids a couple blocks over decided that drag racing was a really great idea and managed to hit a power pole just hard enough to knock the transformer off of it and cut power for half the neighborhood.

This is only just the beginning of the “fun” that’s been happening. I honestly don’t want to even THINK of asking “What’s next?”

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