How To Tell When You Have A Mr Helpful

The guy I call “Mr. Helpful” isn’t quite as unique a character as you would think. His type is, unfortunately, a lot more common than you’d think. And don’t let my calling him Mr. lead you to believe that only men have this affliction. There are equally as many women with it. I call this one Mr. because he is a guy.

The main way to tell when you are afflicted with such a person is their irrepressible urge to “help” even when it’s something that they cannot or should not help with. There is also a strong measure of overkill.

Like when you are getting ready to sign your kid up for preschool and Mr. Helpful shows up with boxes of files that have all of the current details about every preschool within fifty miles…. and in the other boxes is loads of information about all of the possible educational options your child will face through their entire life from what grade school is best to lsat prep courses to prepare them for college. Never mind the fact that these events are years off… Mr Helpful thinks you need to be prepared WAY ahead of time and he’s determined to help you achieve that. He’ll even offer to sit up with you every night and read & explain all of his literature to you… all 37,000 pages of it!

Regardless of the exact circumstances, when you do figure out that you have a Mr. Helpful around, all I can say is “Welcome to Nutjob Hills”.

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