Mr Helpful Strikes Again . . . Somewhere Else!

Mr Helpful is at it again. Though this time he’s doing me the incredible favor of targeting his attentions on somebody else. This way not only can I get more work done, I can actually get a little bit of a laugh out of his exploits (though not very much because I honestly pity his victims.).

Currently there’s a new resident of Nutjob Hills that’s building a house not far from here. Well, of course Mr Helpful just HAD to rush right over with his never ending offers of “help”. I have to admit that while it’s funny to a degree, it’s also kinda sad, the poor guy never knew what hit him.

I don’t have all of the details and I’m not sure I ever will but what I have heard so far is that Mr Helpful showed up about the time they were getting ready to pour the foundation for the new house. He decided it was time to convince the guy to halt construction so that the forms could be inspected to make sure everything was right because Mr. Helpful just had a “really bad feeling” something wasn’t right (too bad the problem was really between his ears!).

After about three hours delay to inspect every aspect of the forms twice, he then proceeded to check on what mix of cement was being used. (this is where it gets fuzzy) I don’t know how it happened, but he decided that the formula needed to be adjusted and that the forms needed to be sprayed with some kind of liner compound (I have no idea what he could possibly mean.) Somehow he managed to convince the new guy it was not only essential but required by local ordinances.

Three hours later the new guy has to halt construction again because he needs a trip to the hospital. Exactly how he ended up with an industrial strength case of eczema I’ll never understand. I didn’t think that normal construction materials could cause such a thing but we are, of course, talking about Mr. Helpful and his positively frightening array of “great ideas” and “family recipes” for just about anything.. most of which should be regulated by the EPA.

I understand that this mess has cost at least a seven day delay in construction, possibly longer. If I get a chance I’m going to try to meet the new guy and warn him against allowing Mr Helpful to “help” any more no matter how serious or important he says it is.

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