Obama Not Qualified To Be President

With all the crap going on lately with Obamacare being rammed down the collective throats of this country I have to go back a bit to an issue that’s been around since what I call the “Longest Campaign” and that is the issue of where one Barack Hussein Obama was actually born.

Have a look at this article and check out the references it provides. Obama was NOT born in this country. He was born in Kenya. He is NOT a natural born citizen and because he is not, it is a violation of the Constitution of this country for him to hold the office of President.

While the obama administration have tried their best to do a quick trim burn and cleanse to remove references of his having been born in Kenya, they have not gotten everything and they aren’t going to. People are making copies of these websites, screenshots, downloading them to make archival backups to preserve the information, Etc.

Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody with a gun or explosives should decide to take matters into their own hands and eliminate this threat to America themselves.

Obviously I do not condone something like that, murder is wrong and threatening the president is illegal. However it’s a plain fact of reality that there are hundreds of thousands of Americans that are VERY angry with obama and that number is growing every minute as does the intensity of that anger. Sooner or later it’s going to reach critical mass and SOMETHING is going to happen. It will not surprise me in the least if that event involves the deaths of many politicians.

I guess time will tell. At the very least, Obama is going to end up the most intently hated president ever.

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2 Replies to “Obama Not Qualified To Be President”

  1. Obama was not born in Kenya. His Kenyan grandmother never said that he was born in Kenya. She actually said that he was born in Hawaii. Obama has an official birth certificate from Hawaii, the Certification of Live Birth, which is accepted as proof of birth in the USA by the US government, and the facts on it were confirmed twice by the officials in Hawii (who are members of a Republican governor’s administration).

  2. You go right on believing that lie. Meanwhile, this pretender is doing his damnedest to tear this country apart. That’s ok, the next several elections are going to be disastrous for him and his liberal socialist-wannabe big-government cronies when people start voting hard core conservative and these idiots lose their jobs.

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