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Penalty For Early Cancellation

Posted by Non-Hamster on March 27th, 2010

The newest denizens of Nutjob Hills are at it again.  What's actually kind of entertaining about this time is that they're actually plaguing Mr. Helpful instead of apparently innocent bystanders, "normal people", or even me.

There's several people (and I use the term loosely) that recently moved here from a small town in North Carolina that, as I understand it, pretty much qualifies as their version of Nutjob Hills (you know, the one town where most of the nutjobs in a given area tend to congregate)

It seems that they're having problems getting their insurance switched over to a local agency.  Apparently they didn't buy their policy from a larger company like Blue Cross Blue Shield NC, instead they bought it from their local nutjob agency and that means that they're stuck with all sorts of extra complications when it comes to canceling that policy and getting a new one locally.

Had they used a larger company it wouldn't have been a problem, all they'd have had to do is change their address information and they'd be set.  The smaller, nutjob owned, company is different however.  There is a list of some forty two requirements that have to be met in order to cancel the policy without having to pay fines and penalties.

I know what you're thinking.  That just isn't right.  Well, I agree.  The thing is however that they agreed to these requirements in a contract that specified them all up front so they're stuck having to find a Rhode Island Red rooster and four male turtle doves and having them delivered to the company on the second Tuesday of April or they'll end up paying a $3,000 penalty for early policy cancellation.

Mr. Helpful is almost beside himself trying to help them find 'em while also helping them find the best place to get their new policies.  Hopefully without the early termination penalties.

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