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There MUST Be Something About To Happen!

Posted by Non-Hamster on April 14th, 2010

I'm actually starting to get just a little bit nervous.  Why? You ask?  Because it's been over three weeks now since anything "odd" has happened here in Nutjob Hills that's why.  It's been my experience that the longer I go without seeing somebody around here do something strange, the weirder it's going to be when it finally does happen.

The only thing going on this morning is that my cigar wielding new neighbor is sitting on his porch trying to talk his way out of having to be tested on a spirometer when he goes to the doctor next week.  I can see why he's trying to avoid it too.  He's been smoking those cigars for over thirty years and I just *KNOW* his doctor is going to get on him about quitting and that man would rather smoke a cigar than almost anything.

Mr. Helpful has been suspiciously absent for over a week.  I know that some people have said that he's on vacation however that doesn't fly.  That man doesn't TAKE vacations.  I am beginning to wonder if he's working on something epic.

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