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Not As Good A Deal As It Looked

Posted by Non-Hamster on April 18th, 2010

Not long ago I gained a new neighbor when the house next door was finally sold after an impressively long time on the market.  Not long after I met the new guy I found out that he got the house for less than a fourth of it's original asking price.  Sound like an impressive deal?  I thought so too until I found out WHY it was so cheap.

This is a pretty old house built in the 1950's, back when people actually built stuff to last, and it's in pretty decent shape given how old it is and normally would sell for something north of 200 large, yet Mr. Cigars got it for less than 50.

How did he manage to get the price down so low?  Well, when he was negotiating the deal he did an inspection of the place and unlike most people he was extremely thorough.  He found out that the place was loaded with asbestos insulation.  The furnace was one of those old monsters that was literally wrapped in the stuff and all of the hot water pipes were wrapped in it.  That, combined with the fact that in usual Nutjob Hills fashion the people who built it used shredded asbestos to insulate all of the exterior walls left the place with enough of the stuff to get you a severe mesothelioma prognosis just for walking into it!

My first thought is that I can't express how thankful I am that I have never been inside.  My second is that this guy must be some kind of ultimate floon for moving into it without first having that crap removed and replaced with something that won't kill you quite so quickly.

Oh he's having the work done, a little bit at a time.  He's too busy spending all his money on sportscar parts to invest very much in something so trivial as removing a hazardous material from his home.

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