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Time Flies

Posted by Non-Hamster on April 29th, 2010

It's amazing how time flies.  And it's not just when you're having fun either.  Just getting busy with almost anything can have you looking up to be amazed at how much time has passed.  For example it seems to me like it was almost yesterday when Valentine's day was still a fresh memory, the weather was still effing cold and the second episode of the new season of Points of View had just gone up and now here it is well into spring.  People are starting to think about gifts for mothers day, the weather is warmer, the lawn is growing and winter's cold is slowly becoming a distant memory.

In spite of how much time has passed I am suddenly very aware of how little has been done with this season of Points of View.  I know Bob is extremely peeved about it.  He's let me know in no uncertain terms that he doesn't care for the fact that my vlog on the Tinfoil Chef channel gets a high enough priority to get a new video every single day and his project sits on the back burner because between the daily vlog and my day to day work I have trouble coming up with enough time to do the Points of view episodes.  (they are a lot more involved than the vlog.)

I just hope that Bob doesn't find out about the frog that's becoming quite popular in the vlog. That is sure to set him off big time!

Speaking of the vlog, I think it's safe to say that it's starting to gain a certain level of popularity.  Somebody even made up a song about me (AND mentioned the frog, don't tell Bob!)

Here's "The TinFoilChef song", created by Lennardt

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