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The Would Be Apprentice - Round Two

Posted by Non-Hamster on May 13th, 2010

After finally escaping the latest round of attempted "help" from Mr. Helpful's would be apprentice / replacement I thought that perhaps I might just possibly be free of his "help" for a few days at least.  As it turns out, I was only free for about two and a half days.

Half way through the second day he walks right into my office (which bugs the crap out of me since I had it locked from the inside with a deadbolt.) and proceeds to start trying to convince me that I should really check out this new thermogenic fat burner that one of the companies that he retails for has recently made available.  He managed to keep talking and ignore the fact that I was demanding to know just how the hell he got into my locked office (it WAS locked, I checked!)

I did however not make the same mistake that I had made on a previous visit.  This time I told him that if he would shut the hell up and get out of my office I would give his materials every bit of the attention they deserved.

They hit the trash before he got all the way back to his car.

Now all I need do is figure out how he got into my locked office.

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