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Is A Pattern Developing Here?

Posted by Non-Hamster on May 24th, 2010

It certainly LOOKS like it anyway!  in the last week and a half there have been not one but three brand new episodes of Points Of View produced and uploaded.  I certainly hope that this trend continues to the point of always having at least one and possibly two new episodes per week.

In this episode Bob takes time to give answers to some recent comments, they're called "boob comments" because when you read them it becomes very obvious that it's written by somebody that needs their brain to spend years on an elliptical in order to build up enough brain power to be able actually think before leaving what are really some of the dumbest comments ever.

He also shares a few of the more amusing emails that he's seen recently which are a sampling of popular emails that give a good look at what Americans are concerned with these days.

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