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This whole oil spill thing is so ridiculous it isn't funny.  BP is dragging their asses getting something done about this while the spill just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  The decided that this "top kill" method wasn't going to work so they just stopped it.  Now they're trying to come up with another method to deal with the problem.  Meanwhile, more crude oil spills out into the Gulf.

These idiots (and I DO mean Idiots!) are sitting back, dragging ass not getting things done while huge chunks of environment are damaged beyond belief.  Not only that but you can bet that the economic fallout from this is not covered in the business insurance policies of all those businesses and towns along the Gulf that are losing tourist trade, money, and jobs because of this.

Not only does BP need to get off their asses and get this crap dealt with pronto but they need to foot the bill for every cent that it is going to cost to get all this mess cleaned up.  They also need to foot the bill for lost income, lost jobs and whatever else is needed to make restitution for the nightmare that they caused because of their incompetence.

To put it another way, if BP posts ANY kind of a profit this year they I think there's going to be one hell of a lot of people seriously pissed off about it.

And if BP doesn't move faster, then this is one time when the government does need to step in.  Even if they have to use the "nuclear option" to seal that well shut!


In the meanwhile.  Until this mess is completely cleaned up and restitution is made to EVERY person, business, town / city / whatever and the Gulf coast environment restored to it's pre-spill condition I think that it is the moral obligation of EVERY human being to avoid spending once single cent for anything BP sells that they can get ANYWHERE else!  BP does not deserve our money!  DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM!!!

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