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Two Year Old With 2Pack A Day Habit

Posted by Non-Hamster on May 31st, 2010

It is true that some people will do literally anything to make a buck.  Proof of that can be had in the story that's circulating around the internet and appears in no less than five separate videos on YouTube about this Indonesian toddler that smokes two packs a day.

That's right.  This kid's father introduced him to smoking at the age of 18 months.  The first thing I notice about this kid, aside from the ever present cigarette is that he looks like his father should stop spending money on cigarettes and invest in some safe diet pills for kids to bring his weight under control.

What I don't understand is why ANYONE thinks that it is ok for a kid that age to smoke so much that he's got a two pack a day habit?!?

And no, I am NOT going to embed one of those videos of the kid doing his thing.  If you want to see that atrocity that badly then Google will show you the way.

What I don't understand about this is why the Indonesian equivalent of children's services has not removed him from the home and started doing something about his addiction.  It's one thing when somebody that's full grown and of legal age decides to smoke, it's another entirely when a parent allows and even encourages such stupidity!  Frankly, that father should be up on charges.

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