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He Naggeth Still

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 3rd, 2010

The younger, sales oriented version of Mr. Helpful is at it again.  He started out by stopping by my office.  I was busy so I promptly showed him the door before he even had a chance to get his pitch started.

However, being the incredibly persistent soul that he is, he started calling me.  After I hung up on him a few times he changed to sending me emails, all of which were insisting that my insurance needed to be updated asap and that I should check out because he was certain that I could come up with a better deal than what I've got now.

While I'm always interested in saving money, I would honestly prefer to do so on my own initiative rather than being nagged at by a Mr. Helpful wannabe that is more interested in his commissions than in whether or not his "help" actually works.

I'll give the original Mr. Helpful credit where it's due.  He at least honestly meant well, even if some (most) of his "help" was from the land of total crackpots.

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