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Careless Shopper

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 5th, 2010

It looks like Mr. Helpful is beginning to take on his would be apprentice / replacement with the ever present sales pitch.  It seems that our friendly neighborhood "I can help you and sell you something at the same time" guy has been getting reckless.

Mr. Helpful told me something about the situation.  Apparently he had to rush to save some unfortunate victim from spending no less than ten times what he needed to for diet pills.  He caught up with the poor soul not long after his would be replacement had left.  Apparently the guy was sitting there trying to wade through this hideous catalog of weight loss aids.  Mr. Helpful actually was this time.  He gave the guy two things, advice to throw away that catalog and a website where he could look up some apidexin reviews and not have to spend $500 a month on the sales weenie's overpriced crap that wouldn't do anything but be expensive.

It does look like the "sales weenie" is beginning to get out of control.  Mr. Helpful left me with the parting statement "He's out of control alright.  But he won't be for long.  I am going to put a stop to his insanity once and for all."

I don't have any idea what he's got in mind but you can bet this is going to be spectacular.

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