Direct Matches

Ever think of going into business for yourself? You know, pick something you’re good at and enjoy doing and hang out a shingle? I think most of us have a t one time or another and some of those actually get around to it. That’s when they run into the fact that most new small businesses fail within the first year. I am not a hamster, I know an ugly statistic when I see it and that is a really ugly one.

One of the things that can help home based businesses is networking, building connections with other business people. But who’s got time to spend with all kinds of meet & greet when you’ve got a business to run? That’s what helps with. It’s a social / business network online that makes it easier to get some of that networking done that can help your business survive that first year.

With over 65,000 members there’s a lot of potential. You can search for other businesses, browse the classified ads section for a direct sales business opportunity and there’s a blog and discussion forum as well.

The networks section lets you use the Direct Matches system to connect members of your organization with others. The idea is to get more communication going on for better exchange of ideas, knowledge resources and so on.