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Clean Plate Restaurant

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 13th, 2010

Here's a strange one for you.  There's a restaurant in Australia that has what you could call a "clean plate" policy.

They ask that customers eat all of what they've ordered.  People who do so get a 30% discount.  Those who do not are asked not to return.

The reason they give for doing this is "for the sake of the earth", which makes me wonder?  Is the earth getting flabby or something?  Does this mean that equatorial regions are in danger of cocoa butter stretch marks or perhaps flabby mountains?  Or perhaps it means that the owner of the restaurant believes that the Earth will have hurt feelings if someone should waste food?

Honestly, it seems to me that if customers are not eating all of what they order then the problem is most likely in the kitchen rather than the customers.  I know that in my own experience, if I go to a place that has good food that I enjoy you can just about bet the farm that I'm going to eat every bite of what I order.

If on the other hand that food is a disappointment and just isn't good, then I'm likely to decide I don't want to finish it.  It's also possible, though not likely, that a restaurant might serve larger portions than I can eat, in which case I'd leave that too.

If this restaurant has that big of a problem with people not finishing their food then I think it's time to examine the kitchen, recipes, portion size and the owners head.

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