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New Points Of View Delayed

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 18th, 2010

I was working on the script for the next "Points of View" video this morning when the door chime signaled that somebody was at the door who considered something to be much more important than the "do NOT disturb" sign I had put up at eye level (with four inch lettering no less!).

As you can guess, I made the critical mistake of answering the door.  I didn't feel that I had much of a choice really since when I tried ignoring it they just stood there ringing the bloody thing every half a minute or so.

It turned out to be a neighbor from down the street.  He had his computer with him and as soon as I opened the door he started literally begging me to help him.  He said he was writing a letter in word and suddenly it was gone and he was in a total panic.

I told him that the guys at the nearby computer store where he bought it the week before would be much better suited to taking care of his problem.  He only said that he couldn't go there and that he really needed this letter back in a big hurry.  I gave in and invited him in.  As he put the computer on my kitchen table he thanked me profusely for agreeing to help him.  He said that he would have gone to the computer store but the last time he did they told him not to ever come back.

Hearing that, I knew the problem had to be something in the "simple problems that drive techs nuts" category and I was right.  The computer had shut down on him because he had been running it on batter power.  When the battery got low enough, the machine did like many do these days, it went into hibernate mode and shut down.

It took me another hour to convince him that it was perfectly ok to keep the computer connected to outlet power and charge the battery while he was using it.

The stories I heard about his previous trips to the computer store for help sounded like a listing of every tech support nightmare stories I've ever heard.

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