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Amega Amwand: Medical Scam

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 20th, 2010

When you're in pain what's the one thing you want more than anything else?  To be free of that pain.  This is especially true if you are suffering from chronic pain, the kind that doesn't just "go away" in a few hours, days, or even weeks.  This kind of pain can last for months, even years.  It can and does drive people to desperate extremes where they will do or try anything that promises them relief.

The problem is that this opens these people up to being scammed by con artists into buying snake oil remedies of all kinds that promise miraculous cures where medical science has failed.

The Amega Amwand is such a scam product.  If you are even thinking about considering the possibility of spending $300 hard earned dollars on it I have two pieces of advice.

First, watch this video.

Second, take time to read this review of the Amega Amwand written by someone that tried it for two months.

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  1. Kat on 22.06.2010 at 13:28 (Reply)

    Thanks so much for making the video and for posting about it.
    More people need to know about this scam before they fall for it and waste $300 of their hard earned money on it.

    People who live in constant chronic pain every single day like I do, are desperate to get relief from that pain.
    When snake oil salesman like Amega Global come along and show you testimonials that say it worked, that it completely healed people, people who suffer constant chronic pain WANT to believe it, they are so desperate for relief, they really want to believe it, but this thing does NOT work.

    I used it exactly as I was told to do for 5 times per day for 30 minutes each time as the distributor Cheryl told me to do on both myself and my son, and it did NOT work, not even a little bit.

    The Amega Amwand is an absolute scam and people need to know that.
    People need to know to stay far away from this product, the Amega Amwand, and the company, Amega Global.

    Thank you so much for helping to spread the word.
    If we reach even just 1 person and help them not waste their money on this crappy fake product, the Amega Amwand, then we’ve done a good thing.

  2. yourignorant on 02.07.2010 at 02:28 (Reply)

    you are ignorant.

    1. Non-Hamster on 02.07.2010 at 14:33 (Reply)

      No, I’m informed because I did my homework on this thing. it’s nothing more than a means of separating the gullible and foolish from their money.

    2. Kat on 21.07.2010 at 18:58 (Reply)

      {QUOTE}yourignorant on 02.07.2010 at 02:28 (Reply)

      you are ignorant.{/QUOTE}

      I am far from ignorant, I actually used the wand 5 times per day for 30 minute sessions each time, for 2 straight months on both myself and my son who has a bad back too.
      After using it 5 times per day for 30 minutes each time for 2 straight months, you would think there would be some improvement, there was NOTHING.
      Neither my son nor I felt any kind of relief at all from using the wand.

      The Amega Amwand DOES NOT work.

    3. Bill Hinchcliff on 09.03.2011 at 23:46 (Reply)

      The wand does have an energy force, however there is a danger in using it as the energy is not compatible with human energy. The long term effects of the wand are problems with the energy of the user; which will deplete the users energy in their bodies weakest areas. Over the time of approximately three years the user will notice problems developing which can be life endangering.  As a medical intuitive and energy healer I have been able to track this problem.
      Those using the wand generally are unaware of how energy can have both positive and negative results which will make one very sick.

      1. Non-Hamster on 09.03.2011 at 23:58 (Reply)

        This “wand” is nothing more than a stainless steel tube with some crushed crystals inside it.  It no more has an ‘energy force’ than an old forgotten screwdriver laying in the dirt of a forgotten junk yard.

        As a “medical intuitive and energy healer” I can only consider you to a con artist of the worst kind.

  3. Lucille's Amega Wand on 26.07.2010 at 12:25 (Reply)

    Very interesting post! It’s really amazing what amega wand can bring us. I’ve also heard that Amega wand is recommended for anyone with an interest in HEALING & metaphysics.
    And especially those with chronic or physical injury. Releave and energize your life with amega wand’s power.

    1. Non-Hamster on 26.07.2010 at 12:31 (Reply)

      It’s not amazing at all.  The Amega Amwand doesn’t do anything but separate desperate people from their money.  Zero Point Energy is nothing but science fiction

  4. dr. herd on 28.07.2010 at 17:19 (Reply)

    Hi folks, I too was skeptical when I was first exposed to the amega wand. After testing on a number of patients, I have been amazed and thrilled with the results in many of the
    tested patients. Thjis is not to say that every person will respond,but many have been helped by by
    by bringing them closer to homeostasis in the affected area.

    1. Non-Hamster on 05.08.2010 at 09:19 (Reply)

      Sorry, you’ll never convince me that the Amwand and zero point energy is anything but a scam designed to separate desperate people from their money.  It’s a con, pure and simple.

      1. Bill Hinchcliff on 16.02.2011 at 13:54 (Reply)

        The wand does give of some sort off infused energy however is this energy compatible with human energy. I believe that this wand and it’s energy can be dangerous when used over an extended period of time. As a medical intuitive and being sensitive to energy I did actually witness a change in energy in the person that that the energy was being directed towards however I also noticed a change in the energy of the person using the wand. For more on medical intuition go to {spamvertised url removed}

        1. Non-Hamster on 18.02.2011 at 14:30 (Reply)

          The wand does not give off any form of energy at all.  It’s a piece of metal, perhaps with some crystals and or minerals inside it.  nothing more.  It can no more give off “infused energy” than light can escape a black hole

  5. humanbeing on 03.08.2010 at 13:04 (Reply)

    Simply put- many, many people have benefited from the Amega Products.  I have seen way to much to call it a scam of any kind.  Leave people up to their own experience – let them validate it by their own results.  Energetic tools are where we are headed and many will arrive by Amega and other companies exploring energy, and consciousness.  Each to their own journey.  Peace.

    1. Non-Hamster on 05.08.2010 at 09:24 (Reply)

      “Validate their own results”?

      You’re kidding, right?

      I would think that it would make much more sense to “validate” that thing in terms of the results of a series of double blind studies conducted by people that don’t stand to profit from the results.

      Oh, wait.  There aren’t any are there?  What’s more, I’ll bet there never will be either because the thing does not work, can not work and will NEVER be proven to work in laboratory conditions under scientific study by objective researchers with no stake in the results.

      That would be because the thing is a lie.

      1. Bruce on 26.03.2011 at 00:05 (Reply)

        Note March 25 2011.
        Toronto Hamilton area. ( Canada)
        Wed of this week received 2/3 of a foot of wet snow. 20 cm
        Normally wrist hurt for days after lifting so much snow at end of driveway
        Age 56 ex windsurfer for 35 yrs.
        The Amward gift from sister was used and worked like magic.
        Note if I used wrist to soon hurt again so it is not an instant fix
        but releaved the pain ie speeded up the healing feeling.
        Also my ankle broke it 7 months ago pain when I walk too far.
        Worked there as we
        I am not a sales person . Received as a gift from California.

  6. humanbeing on 05.08.2010 at 10:00 (Reply)

    I understand you must have a bone to pick and something has happened to you to be so aggressive in your pursuit.  I have seen live blood cell studies… I call those pretty scientific… they demonstrate a real result.  I would love to see a double blind experiment… all I can say is get used to seeing these tools – it is now part of the fabric of where health care and consciousness is moving.  Best wishes – remember you can live in the tribal consciousness or open to the potential of universal energy – and I am not speaking of the “wand”

    1. Non-Hamster on 05.08.2010 at 10:04 (Reply)

      Live blood cell studies ‘eh?  I’ll just bet that the details of those studies aren’t available publicly are they?  As for “universal energy”… that’s just more new age crap.  It doesn’t work any more than zero point energy.  It’s not real and never will be.

  7. humanbeing on 05.08.2010 at 21:00 (Reply)

    I see you… best wishes in your move through life.  Your missing so much.  Peace to you.

  8. Kat on 15.08.2010 at 01:27 (Reply)

    “I see you”?
    Honey, this isn’t Avatar, you don’t see anything except the fraud and lies that you fell for and are probably selling on a website.

    I wish that you would wake up and smell the coffee.
    This company is out to sell people a lie based on pseudoscience, quackery.
    Zero Point Energy has NEVER EVER been harnessed in any scientific laboratory, EVER, so to say and claim that it’s harnessed in this wand and pendants, is an outright and bold-faced lie meant to separate people in pain desperate to be free from pain, from $300+ dollars.

  9. Orliecans on 22.08.2010 at 14:29 (Reply)

    I am sorry to say that I am one of the “suckers” that spent $300 on this ‘magic wand’. I have suffered with RA pain for quite some time and was looking for the “miracle”. Well no miracle yet. The really enlightning thing (20/20 hindsight) was that ALL of the claims of it being “real science” were ALL and I mean ALL seller’s of this product! Show me someone that had REAL results, I am talking before and after photos that isn’t SELLING this product and then I might believe! DO NOT BUY THIS PEN!!!!!! I feel foolish, don’t be fooled! I even found a site that claimed his three toes grew back! This is just another lesson that there are bad people out there willing to do anything to make a buck!

    1. Non-Hamster on 23.08.2010 at 10:24 (Reply)

      I’m sorry you had this experience but I’m glad to see you posting about it here.  If it keeps even one person from wasting their time, money and hope on this scam then it was well worth your taking the time.  Thanks

    2. Kat on 05.10.2010 at 13:07 (Reply)

      I am so sorry that you were mislead by this product, the Amega Amwand, but I am so happy that you came here to post that it did not work for you either.
      I’m the woman who tested it 5 times per day for 30 minutes sessions for 2 straight months, and had absolutely no results at all, neither positive or negative.

      We need more people who have tried it and had no results, to come forward, to speak up and tell the world, even by leaving comments on posts like this, that it does not work.

      Thank you for sharing your experience, and I hope that you were able to get your money back.

      1. Non-Hamster on 10.10.2010 at 17:36 (Reply)

        Yeah, and while we’re at it, I don’t suppose anybody can explain why there have NEVER been even ONE double blind study done to confirm or deny the claims made about this scamwand.

        No?  I thought not.

    3. Bill Hinchcliff on 16.02.2011 at 14:04 (Reply)

      For many, they believe that there is an easy fix for a life of mismanagement of their health. One should first look inward to see how ones body has been abused through eating dead foods. Nutrition is the start of balanced health, eating natural foods that have not been genetically altered by some scientist who has only a small understanding of human physiology. Science has been a leading cause of destroyed health. The wand is another tool that has been developed by science without a true understanding of balanced human energy. Look within for the answers are all there!

      1. Non-Hamster on 18.02.2011 at 14:25 (Reply)

        Translation: the amwand is a scam

  10. Orliecans on 23.08.2010 at 11:45 (Reply)

    Your welcome, and I thank you for caring enough to have a site like this that people can find and get a taste of reality and opinons of free thinkers! I feel like a Hamster right now.
    On a lighter note, I am going to try to return this product. (Suppose to have a 90 day return policy.) Wish me luck.
    Good Day to you.

  11. Orliecans on 23.08.2010 at 11:50 (Reply)

    I loved your video about the Boob Product on the wand! Even though I felt foolish, it made me laugh at myself! I don’t care who you are, that was funny!

  12. TheGenieologist on 31.08.2010 at 15:57 (Reply)

    I appreciate you sharing your point of view.  The jury is still out as far as I am concerned.

    You lose much credibility with me when you use the FDA to support your case.  The FDA should be in the running for the ALL-TIME BOOB AWARD!  They willfully ignore evidence, hinder research and approve dangerous chemicals in our food and drugs.  It has been the experience of countless thinking people that when the FDA says they have not evaluated something, it means that you should consider trying it.  Furthermore, FDA approved has proved to mean that it just might kill you and will almost undoubtedly harm you.

    Unfortunately, too many doctors get most or all of their info from the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies that the FDA is a puppet for.

    DISCLAIMER: My statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.

    1. Non-Hamster on 31.08.2010 at 16:12 (Reply)

      Your statement has however been evaluated by ME.  Result, anybody that believes the Amwand is anything other than a scam is a boob and a fool

    2. Orliecans on 31.08.2010 at 21:30 (Reply)

      I couldn’t agree with you more about the FDA! My comments were geared towards the AMWAND and it not working for me. Obviously I don’t “buy” into conventional medicine or I wouldn’t have tried the wand in the first place! Tell me this, have YOU tried the wand?

      1. The Genieologist on 10.09.2010 at 11:07 (Reply)

        No, I have not tried the wand, and I was not defending it.  I just found it ironic that the FDA was quoted to prove that something else is a scam when they are the biggest scam going.  I am curious about this product though, since so many throughout the world are claiming amazing results.  As you probably know, there are literally countless natural remedies and downright cures that have proven effective through the generations that the FDA either refuses to evaluate honestly or misleads people as to the effectiveness.

        I am sorry that this Amwand was not the answer to your problem.  Keep searching with an open mind, and I believe you will find the answer.  I have found tremendous results for my arthritic pain in my knees using FlexProtex.  I do not sell the product, but recommend it to anyone with joint pain.  Almost everyone has reported positive results, and many report remarkable results.  For me, the results were beyond what I dared hope for.

  13. Orliecans on 12.09.2010 at 21:42 (Reply)

    If the wand has actually helped some folks, I am happy for them. I think the placebo has a lot of power I have seen it myself in others.
    The FDA should be closed down and reopened by people that aren’t paid by the very drug companies they support! Have you seen the film “The Beautiful Truth”? Just one of many that point out the down right criminal decesions they make daily! So sad.
    Thank you for your good wishes, and I just want to end saying, I wouldn’t put too much hope or money into the wand. I have done endless research (after I bought it opps) and it doesn’t sound like it is all it is cracked up to be. Yhe company I bought it from did refund my money minus the $30 shipping fee.

  14. Simon King on 12.10.2010 at 03:30 (Reply)

    I’m afraid your trial with a sample of two and no placebo group or randomisation does not constitute enough evidence to justify your conclusion, whether your conclusion is valid or not.

    1. Non-Hamster on 12.10.2010 at 12:25 (Reply)

      It may not be the most “scientific” study in the world but it’s good enough for me until such time as somebody decides to do a “proper” double blind study with placebo and control groups.  Funny how that seems to have NEVER been done.  You’d think that if the scamwand proponents were so all fired sure about how good their magic wand is that they’d jump at the chance to prove it in an objective scientific study conducted by a third party that has nothing to gain or lose from the results.

      1. ken on 16.11.2010 at 18:01 (Reply)

        I tried the wand at a tradeshow this weekend, I liked it but I’m not the one to spend 300 dollars without reserching. This brings me to this site. First, it did help with a shoulder pain I had. Second, it did change the taste of water from the tap and made some cheap wine taste better{this scored points with me haha}. All of this was done in front of me, my son even waved the wand to change the wine taste. The claims are quite extreme but who am I to judge without checking things out. I think the tastless anti-wand people on this site are very uniformed on the real world. There are wonderful things happening that the mainstream followers miss out on. Reserch on a product like this would cost millions for it to be approved by any goverment organization, this kind of money is only avalible to big pharma, and to think different would make you blind to reallity!! That being said, I didn’t get much out of the info on this site to help my own reserch on the product.

        1. Non-Hamster on 19.11.2010 at 12:34 (Reply)

          The “results” you speak of are because of the ‘Placebo effect’ (google it) and have nothing to do with waving this magic wand around.  Until such time as Amega Global submits this thing to a scientific double blind study conducted by an objective third party with no stake in the results, there is NO reason to even CONSIDER that it could even almost be real.

          That doesn’t even begin to touch on their claims about “Zero Point Energy”.  Zero Point Energy is a *THEORETICAL* subject in quantum physics.  The ONLY thing it has to do with this magic wand is that it makes for a fancy technical sounding buzzword that can be used to fool desperate people who don’t know any better.

          Those of us who know even a little bit about quantum physics laugh out loud every time somebody mentions how this thing uses zero point energy because we know just how impossible those claims are.

          1. ken on 20.11.2010 at 00:04 (Reply) (Comments won't nest below this level)

            If you understand quantum physics nothing is impossible as far as our understanding of reality. The observer can make the difference, this may explain the placebo effect. The makers of this product have a good understanding of quantum physics, which make the claims possible.

        2. Orliecans on 19.11.2010 at 13:37 (Reply)

          EXCYSE ME Ken? Did you bother to READ any of the comments before you said you didn’t find this site to be helpful? I BOUGHT the wand at the tune of $300 and let me tell you, as bad as I WANTED it to work it DID NOT! MAybe you were spell bound at the place you tested it, but tell me this? Did YOU buy one?

          1. ken on 19.11.2010 at 23:48 (Reply) (Comments won't nest below this level)

            No, I haven’t bought one, but I may. Why is it that the placebo affect only works for non-medical or natural products. When someone goes to the hospital to get treated and gets better it’s because of the wonders of drugs. When they don’t get better they keep going back for more and seem to be ok with it. This may go on for years! Tell me why there is no placebo effect here? It’s only when something that people don’t understand makes them feel better, that it becomes a placebo. Sorry, this is not logic. The fact is some of this crazy stuff works! Orliecans there are far more people on the net that love this wand than not. It seems to be ok to get zero results from years of mainstream medicine.

  15. An Elephant's Child on 06.11.2010 at 00:17 (Reply)

    You are a very amusing little non-hamster.
    I would never have bought one of their ‘magic wands’ anyway, but a friend asked me about it & I found your blog whilst looking into it.
    I’ve got arthritis & I find that a long hot bath works real wonders !

  16. Kat on 24.11.2010 at 03:20 (Reply)


    The disease of these “magic wands” is spreading!
    I was sent an email about another one, it’s called “Freedom Wand”.
    You can check it out here,
    They even have a comparison page where they compare theirs to the Amega Amwand, like theirs is better because they use a different technology to harness ZPE.
    I’m quoting them here straight from their website:
    “Ayan Infusion™ Process employs subtle energy (Zero Point Energy) technology developed over a 30 year period of research and development by our chief scientist. Energy Patterns are captured, stored, understood, and intelligently imprinted into the wand for healing!”

    I just think of all the people who are suffering in pain and my heart aches for them!
    So many people so desperate to be free from pain, falling for the Amega Amwand or this new Freedom Wand!

    “Infinity Ingredients
    Casing: Stainless Steel/Titanium
    Inside: High-Storage Hydro-Crystals and Minerals”

    WTF are hydro-crystals??!!??

    So so many people are and will fall for these scams, it’s just horrible!
    I so wish that a true double-blind study could be done on all of these products, really test them out, prove them one way or another, get the truth out there.
    I’m sitting here right now thinking of all the desperate people who will fall for it, they will waste time and money even if they buy the Freedom Wand which is cheaper than the Amwand, but it’s still money wasted because NO ONE has ever harnessed ZPE in any kind of process or technology, Amized Fusion or Ayan Infusion, it hasn’t been done, it hasn’t been properly tested, yet this bullshit is spreading and people will fall for it!

    I just want to scream at the top of my lungs to the whole world about these products!
    I just want to warn as many people as possible to not buy any of these products until REAL testing and REAL studies have been done by scientists with absolutely nothing to gain or lose by doing the studies.
    Test all of these products on real people, healthy and non-healthy, double-blind, test them all, get real results, but until such time as real test results are done and posted to the whole world, that no one should buy any of these products.


    1. ken on 30.11.2010 at 00:46 (Reply)

      These test have been done and it seems to work!! I’ve posted earlier, just to let you know I’m healthy and have no problems. This wand really interests me.

      1. Orlie on 03.12.2010 at 14:27 (Reply)

        So Ken, where would one find these studies to review?

      2. Bruce on 09.03.2011 at 13:38 (Reply)

        My American Sister endorses Amega wand but has anyone purchased or used
        the [url removed] product ?
        Priced more then half savings at $139 and no tax based in Canada.
        Amega price structure and middle team distributors is to profit orienated.

        1. Non-Hamster on 09.03.2011 at 15:22 (Reply)

          I removed the url from your comment because I do not want my blog promoting things that *I* consider bogus.  Especially for free and trust me, you cannot afford what I would charge to permit you to promote garbage like that on MY blog.

  17. artgirl on 10.01.2011 at 15:33 (Reply)

    I have recently been exposed to this “technology”. An acquaintance invited me to attend a Seminar. I was very skeptical but do have an open mind so I went. I did not fall for the taste tests because the wine was already poured and the lemons already cut which implied tampering. I also didn’t fall for the strength test since the person applying the pressure could have adjusted that on the volunteers. It all seemed like Hocus Pocus, particularly since the main focus of the Seminar seemed to be on business.

    This is what got my attention. I am recovering from a stress fracture on my right Tibia. Although my x-rays are now normal, I still had quite a bit of pain. The pain was bad enough that it woke me at night and interfered with driving. I used my friend’s wand over my leg for about 10 min. during the Seminar (still very skeptically). Afterward I distinctly noticed my pain was gone. I have been pain free for 5 days now. Of course, I am aware that it could be a huge coincidence and it was just time for my leg to stop hurting. But still…it really got my attention.

    My money does not come easily, so I was online trying to research the background on the science when I found your site. Your comments about the lack of Scientific research brought me back to my senses. I mean really…if this product was what it claims to be and someone had indeed finally found the secret to harnessing zero-point energy, don’t you think it would be HUGE worldwide news? I would think that it would be on every news report and in every Science journal out there. Doctors would be knocking each other over to get that FDA approval so they could make it available to their patients.

    Thank you, Wise Hamster, for saving my hard earned $300!!!

    1. Kat on 11.02.2011 at 01:02 (Reply)

      Doctors would be knocking each other over to get that FDA approval so they could make it available to their patients.

      Not only doctors, but governments, all scientists, all medical fields, they would ALL be knocking themselves over trying to get approval and they would all be testing the hell out of this thing and ZPE, to find ways to power cars and homes, and all different kinds of medical equipment and all sorts of things, because if ZPE could really and truly be harnessed, our dependence on fossil fuels would be completely over.
      We’d be able to power our homes, cars, and ever other device, using ZPE.
      ZPE would be used by every single doctor around teh entire world, to cure their patients of all ills and ailments.

      The fact that it’s NOT making any news whatsoever aside from the claims of Amega Global and now some new ZPE companies, should tell everyone that ZPE STILL has not and probably will NEVER ever be harnessed.

  18. Rj on 12.01.2011 at 06:35 (Reply)

    Hello, doing my research on the Amega products and found this site. I am a sport specific athletic trainer/personal trainer for over 20yrs and having my own gym I see something new for health and wellness every year it seems (far infrared, magnetic, tons of supplements). I was introduced to the wand at my gym by a chiropractor who’s wife I train and was blown away by what I witnessed. So I purchased a wand because for one I have the $$ to take a chance. This led me to buying a pendant for each of my family members and a water machine. My family has never been healthier, seeing is believing, from skin issues to migraine headaches to yes changing the flavors of foods. Before all this happened i tried to debunk this so called zero point energy with a few of my high school and college athletes. I know what they can do and have accurate testing for performance issues so I applied some very basic test then applied the energy and now the families of these very same athletes own the Amega products.

    All athletes increased vertical leap by 2″
    1 rm was increased
    reaction time was also increased

    Then I proceeded to apply the energy to my family… 

    Fathers new knee replacement – applied after returning home, he used it and a week later the Physical therapist was amazed at his range of motion, could be that he is just that flexible but I think not, therapist made a huge deal about how hard and ofter he must be working in such a short amount of recovery time… We thought well maybe its the wand – jury still out at this time.

    Mother with a skin condition that she has had for over 5 years – applied energy twice a day morning and night – took pictures of 5″ by 3″ anterior shin that was inflamed red flaky itchy. 3 weeks gone – jury suprised but still out…

    Sister had a sciatic pain issue for sometime, 20 min with energy and pain gone. Jury getting closer. Pain has not returned.

    Others most recently a 19yr old college baseball player with a migraine for 4 yrs applied energy for 20min 3 days in a row – headache gone. After first session headache went away for two hours the next day it did nothing for him until much later in the day after he had left. 3rd session was gone after about 5min of wanding and has not returned.

    Daughter tanning in a high output tanning bed and got a good sun burn on the back of her legs, wand that night still red but no pain after about 5 min, next day red but no pain and let me tell you it should have hurt, even when she raked her finger nails across it no pain.

    Member of gym didn’t or couldn’t do any upper body lifts do to what most would call tennis elbow, has had cortisone shots in the past, I suggested we try the energy and it worked again…

    I don’t so much wonder if it works I want to find out what is really inside this wand and how it works, Jan 27 i will be visiting the University of Oregon with some Athletes for a visit and plan to do some real research, live blood cell among others. Pseudo or whatever if it works it works.

    1. Non-Hamster on 12.01.2011 at 11:15 (Reply)

      The only way that this thing can be said to “work” is the placebo effect.

      All claims relating in any way to Zero Point Energy are false.  Zero point Energy is science fiction, nothing more.

      1. Rj on 13.01.2011 at 04:58 (Reply)

        That is what I assumed at first also, Talked with a close friend who is a physical therapist and he suggested I watch a film called “the living matrix” it is a science film not fiction, lol. Also an older film called “the race for zero point” both very interesting.

        Also wanted you to know I am not a BA for the wand and will not post a website or email on your blog. Just want to find out what is up with energy and our bodies, I have done much reading the last few months and continue to do research.

        As a scientific concept, the existence of zero point energy is not controversial although the ability to harness it is. So if it does exist than wouldn’t it be plausible that some day it could be manipulated? or at least mimicked. Gamma is energy that can’t be seen so is far infrared, magnetic is another form of energy that work for healing.

        In an interview taped for PBS’s Scientific American Frontiers, which aired in November, Harold E. Puthoff, the director of the Institute for Advanced Studies, observed: “For the chauvinists in the field like ourselves, we think the 21st century could be the zero-point-energy age.”

        Everything is energy just structured different…

        1. Non-Hamster on 13.01.2011 at 11:52 (Reply)

          To clarify my statement about Zero Point Energy and fiction….

          Yes, there has been theoretical work in quantum physics concerning zero point energy.  HOWEVER …

          Zero point energy is the “ground state” or the minimum possible level of energy in a system.  The idea that it is somehow possible to extract energy from this ground state is asinine.  To do so would leave the system in a state that is LESS than the minimum possible energy level.  To put it simply, you can’t do that.

          Also, thus far to date, NO system that claims to make use of zero point energy has been demonstrated to live up to it’s claims.  Thus such systems and devices are scams based on pseudoscience.

          There is a very good reason why there are NO properly done double blind scientific studies done on Amega Amwand and related products.  Such a study would expose them for the scams they are.

  19. Rosey on 14.01.2011 at 01:19 (Reply)

    WOW! You are so angry Mr. Hamster.  Do you need a hug?

    Double blind study or not, I know it works.  My whole family uses the amwand, ampendant, amgenex and I have the alkaline water system too.  And yes, I am a BA.  I wasn’t a BA when I went to my first demo, but I saw enough to check it out for myself.  I became a BA to get the discounts on the products.  But after I’ve seen the effects on my mom, my brother, my sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins, I decided to become heavily involved in spreading the news.  If you’ve seen the things I’ve seen… WOW!!  All I can do is share, the rest is up to you to determine if it’s right for you.

    So how about this… Are you in pain right now? or know someone in pain?  Grab a swizzle stick and wave it over the pain area for 15 minutes.  Feel a difference?  No?

    Now go to a FREE demo and wave the wand over the pain area for 15 minutes.  Feel a difference? Yes?  Is that the placebo effect?  Then why didn’t it work when you waved the swizzle stick before?

    Here’s the bottom line, don’t listen to what people are saying.  Go to a FREE demo and experience it for yourself.  Go to 10 demos if you have to until you’re sure.  They’re FREE!  And Amega has a 30 day money back guarantee minus a 10% restocking fee when you purchase.  hhhmmm so that’s approx $30 dollars Risk to you.  Let me ask you this.  How much money have you spent so far on your medication and therapies?  Is it working?

    So you ask, “What if it doesn’t work?”  I think the real question here is, “What if it does work?”  Is $30 dollars worth the risk to find out?

    To the person who was using the wand for 30 minutes 5x per day… sounds like “healing crisis”.  Google it.  You were getting way too much energy.  Take it easy.  30 minutes per day should do the trick.  You can build up from there.  Listen to your body.  Back off and reduce your wanding time if your body starts to complain. 

    Wanna find out more?  Contact me.  {link removed}
    I can get you in contact with the nearest FREE demo in your area. 

    Still not convinced?  That’s fine.  As I said before, all I can do is share.  The rest is up to you to determine if it’s right for you.  I wish you all the very best in finding the right solution for you.


    1. Non-Hamster on 14.01.2011 at 09:22 (Reply)

      Actually, if you read the title and url of this blog, you’ll know that I am not a hamster.  Aside from that, I’m not angry at all.  I simply know a scam when I see it and the Amega Amwand and related products that claim to make use of zero point energy are nothing more than a scam based on pseudoscience and targeting people that are desperate to relieve live changing pain.

      At the risk of repeating myself:

      Thus far to date NO device claiming to make use of or create any form of energy from Zero Point Energy has been shown to function as described.  Zero Point Energy is the “ground state” which is the MINIMUM POSSIBLE level of energy in a system.  Claims that energy can be extracted or used from this state require that energy level to be reduced to a level that is LESS than the MINIMUM POSSIBLE and are therefore scams bases on pseudoscience.

      If such an achievement had actually occurred then the scientific world would be talking about it a LOT.  Predictably enough, this has not happened and is not likely to ever happen because, to borrow a quote from science fiction; “Ye canna change the laws of physics!”

    2. Kat on 11.02.2011 at 00:53 (Reply)

      To the person who was using the wand for 30 minutes 5x per day… sounds like “healing crisis”. Google it. You were getting way too much energy. Take it easy. 30 minutes per day should do the trick. You can build up from there. Listen to your body. Back off and reduce your wanding time if your body starts to complain.

      I am the person who did it 5x per day for 30 minutes sessions.
      I was TOLD to do it this long and this many times by the Amega Amwand distributor who sent it to me, Cheryl.
      She insisted that I wave the wand in a clockwise circular motion as close to the body as possible, for 30 minute sessions, 5 times per day.

      I did it as instructed to do by the Amega Global representative, so I followed the instructions to the letter.


  20. Rj on 15.01.2011 at 01:38 (Reply)

    Let me set the stage: I train athletes in speed and agility. We train in 30 day sessions, we test at the beginning and end. One of the test is vertical leap, athletes get up to 5 jump in a two minute span. 90% of the time the 1st or 2nd jump is the highest occasionally a third jump is the best but not by very much at all, never do we see any improvement in leap on the 4 or 5 jump and most athletes that have been training for any length of time won’t even attempt the 4 or 5 jump, the young kids like to give it a go always thinking they can get another inch to their vertical leap.

    Try it, jump as high as you can a couple of times you are going to fatigue and the jumps will decrease in height as you go, simple physiological response. I have been testing and training athletes for many years and don’t even want to venture a number of athletes I tested in verticale leap, if you include year round training and summer camps with hundreds of athletes that all get tested.

    So I would say if you need an expert in vertical leap testing I could most likely fill the need. 

    I buy a Amwater water machine, then take some water to may gym…
    I tested 2 college athletes first, keep in mind I train these guy 3 days a week and last tested them 30 days ago, I know what the can jump and so do they, Hopefully if we did things right a bit of an increase from the last test. I have records of these test and so do the athletes. Most have test results from years of training with me some as young as 7th or 8th grade through college.

    I test 2 basketball players and encouraged them to keep trying past the 3 jump, told them to hold their tongue right or close your eyes… just playing with them having fun trying to exhaust them, when they had completed the 5th jump I told them to drink a bit of water and give it one more jump.

    After that I didn’t know what to think and neither did they,
    Both jumped much high than the best mark. Big smiles from both and a look of what???
    Tj had a top mark of 39 1/2 to 41″
    Tyler went from 38 1/2″ to 40 1/2″
    How is that placebo effect???
    They did not know the water was any different than it was at any other time. I said nothing about energy or zero point to these boys. At the time I couldn’t I wasn’t sure what this was and didn’t want to put my reputation on the line by saying hey I have this water and well just try it. No they new nothing, i had a hard time trying to explain it to them and their parents afterwords but brought in the guy who I bought the water machine from.

    something else i found…
    History was made on 12-31-96 when for the first time ever, ZPE was the subject of a U. S. patent (#5,590,031). Dr. Frank Mead, from Edwards AFB, has designed receivers to be spherical collectors of zero point radiation with hemisphere reflectors of beat frequencies.

    People have been messing with this for sometime and no one is saying that is is being used as a energy source or that it could ever power a space ship, but what about catching the energy’s frequency or being able to hold it in a small titanium tube with minerals and crystals. Crystals have been used for a very long time to tune radio waves for broadcasting and are still used today.

    Also if a company like Amega did find out how to utilize zero point energy it would be safe to say many knock-off imitation wands would follow…
    How many MLM companies have a 8 million dollar health and wellness center and a costumer help staff of hundreds. They are building another health and wellness center in California this year. Doing a study up on Amega they have a pretty good track record for health and wellness.

    How else could you sell one of these wands, put in a box in the store and say hey this will cure this and this will cure that and put a sticker price on it of $300 – NO one would by it – you have to be able to see it, taste it, and experiences it.  Self care revolution at its best.

  21. Rj on 15.01.2011 at 02:05 (Reply)

    when was the last time you researched what was being done with zero point energy? Remember we all thought the would was flat at one time also.

    You haven’t a clue what they are doing with zero point energy in lets say Japan or Singapore or China. What mainstream science journal do you refer to for your information? From what I can see everyone from NASA to Shell are playing with and trying to utilize the energy they know is real.
    If you are a quantum physicist or mechanic what else would you be working on?

  22. aji on 18.01.2011 at 07:12 (Reply)

    Amega Amwand is the best…and really work…..tq

  23. Patti on 28.03.2011 at 11:18 (Reply)

    I was able to borrow the amwand for 3 full days.  My co worker used it for over 4 hours on his bad hip and wrist. NOTHING
    my hubby used it on both sore arms and bad knee for all three days, also placing bedside “pointing” it at himself, NOTHING
    I used it also for the 3 days, to try to drain chronic sinus infections, NOTHING as a matter of fact
    my nose is more congested than ever.
    It’s no longer $300, they want $360!
    Someone is getting rich on poor people who are in pain.

    1. kat on 29.03.2011 at 18:28 (Reply)


      Thank you!
      Another person who has used it, and not only used it, but on THREE different people and still got NOTHING!

      SURELY, according to the makers of this thing, it should have healed at least ONE of you!


  24. Markus Anderson on 20.04.2011 at 17:20 (Reply)

    Hahaha, this conversation will be never ending

    SOme people will say it works it works!

    Some people will trash it and say SCAM SCAM SCAM

    Who is right? Who is Wrong?

    Amega is a spinoff of Tachyon Enegy, rebranded

    Tachyon Energy has had great results, crappy marketing. So Amega took it a step further and became a global MLM marketing engine, with sleazy ways of selling product.

    Does this mean their product is bogus? No… does it mean it will do everything it will say it does? No..

    Its one of those grey area things.

    There have been alot of people who have been helped by these products, or you wouldnt see the thousands of genuine testimonials from people.

    But there is no one sized fits all, and what AMEGA calls zero point energy is NOT actually zero point energy, this is where the big confusion comes in.

    ANyways, good luck with all of your useless ranting.

    1. Non-Hamster on 26.04.2011 at 20:40 (Reply)

      “Tachyon energy” is every bit the scam that zero point energy is.

      Tachyons are theoretical high energy subatomic particles that can only move faster than light.  If I recall correctly, theory also connects them to matter – antimatter reactions.  They have no more to do with healing than zero point energy.

      BOTH of them are a five star line of crap.

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