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Phat Trek

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 8th, 2010

I think we all know that there's a huge problem with weight loss in this country... specifically, entirely too many people need to lose a LOT of weight and the problem isn't getting any better.

"Phat Trek" is some homebrew entertainment, a parody of Star Trek, that is intended to inspire and entertain people that, like me, need to lose a lot of weight.  Regardless of how you go about losing that weight.  Whether you spend hours exercising, reading nuphedragen reviews and checking out diet pills, trying different diet plans or even surgical options, it's difficult to lose the weight.

Phat trek is my effort to try to incorporate healthy activities and eating habits into entertainment in such a way as to encourage them.  It's also about just plain having some fun with something I've enjoyed for over 40 years.

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