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The Crunchy Curse

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 15th, 2010

Ok, it's not actually a curse in the traditional halloween-ish kind of sense but a curse it is nonetheless.

Specifically, I have had this problem over the last several months due to the condition of my teeth that makes for some serious adventures in pain when I eat something that is either crunchy or even a little to chewy.

This results in a severe pain starting up in my jaw.  That pain then moves up the left side of my face to the temples where it settles in and becomes a migraine.  Once it starts up, that migraine can last anywhere from an hour to several days and leave me almost incapacitated.

I end up unable to think straight enough to do any of my work or projects, especially including things that are important and have a deadline.  Those things often suffer and I end up having to work like mad as the deadline approaches if I'm to get it done in time.

I consider myself blessed today in that the migraine has only lasted for a couple of hours but the next time I eat something all it's going to take is one ill placed bite and I'm back to the migraine.

The moral of this story is: take care of your teeth when you're younger.  Out of rebellion when I was a teenager I didn't and now that I'm older I am paying for it big time.

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