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Joe's Indecision

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 15th, 2010

Like most places in the US, Nutjob Hills has a high percentage of people that need to lose weight.  Eating habits here are pretty much the same as everywhere else with a few, shall we say "Interesting", differences.  (Someday I have to write about the guy that refuses to eat anything but Dolly Madison snack cakes!).

Joe (not his real name of course) is one of these people.  To his credit, he wants to change the situation but like many others he has had a very hard time doing it.  His eating habits are mostly normal with a few oddities such as insisting that breakfast occur at 1:35 AM every morning before he goes to bed.

Lately he's reached the point where he is ready to try using diet pills to help him lose the fat that has resulted in him going from ordinary guy to pear shaped to watermelon shaped in physique.

The problem is that he's having a hard time deciding which one to use.  The latest one to receive a lot of his attention is called noxycut.  He likes the fact that it's apparently designed to have the effect of not only removing fat but that for every pound of fat you lose with this stuff, you gain a pound of muscle.

He especially likes this idea because he's never been a muscular guy and he has the idea that this will turn him into one of those guys with the super hero style musculature like you see in comic books.

I and others have tried to tell him that even if it does convert fat to muscle, that kind of build is not going to happen all by itself.  It would take a lot of working out and hard core training to achieve that kind of result.

He still hasn't made a decision yet and today I heard that it may be put off once again because somebody (you probably can guess who) has brought to his attention some other pill that's supposedly some kind of miracle thing that has amazing results in record breaking time.  The first obvious downside being that it's hideously expensive (and no doubt a certain "helpful" salesman type stands to make a fortune pushing the stuff.  The second being that it probably has side effects he'd rather not have and very likely won't find out about from said salesman.

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