Sports Trivia Anyone?

Hey sports fans! If you’re also a sports trivia fan then you’ll be interested in TriviaFix. It’s not just a site-load of trivia questions, it’s full of “User Generated” sports trivia. Users submit their own sports trivia questions.

I am not a hamster, of course anything like this just wouldn’t be complete without an air of competition about it as well. Answering questions correctly (and submitting them) earns you points. Since the score list shows people with negative point values then it’s obvious that answering something incorrectly will cost points.

Points are important because every month the top players are awarded prizes in each sports category. There are also teams and the ability to challenge other players or entire teams.

In addition to sports trivia there is also sports news, you specify the sport, team and what the story is about, give a brief description and a url to the full story. Other players rate the stories you submit and you also get points for submitting stories.

Now I’m not the typical sports trivia person (I’m terrible at it) but I took a look around just for the heck of it. The questions have to be answered quickly, it gave me 24 seconds on the “shot clock” to answer which I guess keeps people from just googling the answers. After 3 questions I had a whopping -5 points and had achieved a rank of 509. Not exactly stellar performance I’ll admit.

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